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Walk The Walk

If you have ever walked a runway you probably were not wearing your workout gear and a pair of kicks. Runway to Hope is going to give you the chance to walk/run/bike the Runway to support Runway to Hope!

I love that Runway to Hope is not going to let this Pandemic hinder their ability to help children with cancer in our community. This year they are going to do their Sparkle and Shine 5k VIRTUALLY!! I love this idea. You sign up and get the medal when you complete the run, BUT you can run anytime you want.

All of you competitors that need more accountability than that you can sign up to be timed! For all you 5k dreamers who would rather complete the run from your couch, you can do that too. All you need to do is sign up. For my family and I we are going to wake up and do the 5k together. I wish you could meet some of the kids that Runway to Hope serves. It would change your life. It changed mine when I had the opportunity to go to the hospital and have a craft day with them. One specifically touched my heart because he was the same age as one of my boys. I couldn't imagine what he was going through, I could see him mom being strong, but could't imagine what it was like to just learn your child has cancer just 12 short hours ago and already have him hooked up to so many machines and medicines. I didn't have to imagine. I was watching them go through it. I wanted to help in any way I could and if that was building a lego set with that little boy that was what I was going to do.

If you are interested in signing up here is where you can run. If you want to Joing Out GRAFTON family team. We would love to have you!

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